How I edit my instagram pictures

Hi everyone! Today I want to suggest you the apps I used for edit my instagram pictures!

Photo 29-08-15 13 27 51

These are the apps I use for editing my pictures.

SQUAREADY: add the white border around your photo (I don’t use it anymore, because now I take pictures in 1:1);

PHOTOCOLLAGE: it’s just for the collage;

VSCOCAM: damn this is the best app ever!! I use mainly this one for editing my photos, I have the basic version but if you want you can buy more effects. I usually prefer the effect G3 but it depends by the photo and her light and ect.

STUDIO: with this app you can do a lot of things: write on your pic with different fonts, create amazing design or be inspired by other designs thought by other people.

AFTERLIGHT: is amazing for black&white effects, or the “dusty” one or just for the light effect.


So let me know which app you use for editing and write it on the comment below.





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