Hello Autumn

Hello Autumn

One of the trends of this autumn/winter are ponchos, and honestly I don’t love them so much BUT when I saw the one I’m wearing I fell in love. It’s very soft and comfy.

Another BIG trends is suede. Yes, this fabric makes a return. I adore suede, everything made with this fabric, coat,skirt,shoes,top…

Recently, I’ve bought this black suede bag and I like it a lot also because it’s perfect for uni (notebooks and blah blah blah).

[Check: I’ve also suede booties, obesessed]

talk to you soon,Ale


Olivia Palermo, daily looks

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I just love Olivia Palermo, she’s so chic and flawless!!

If you don’t know her, she’s an actress, model and blogger and I would add also fashion icon because her style is.. damn, I don’t how to explain it: just fantastic.

Today I decided to search some of her EVERYDAY LOOKS and to share them with y’all!! Oviously they are few of my favourite ones because if it was for me I would choose more or less most of her looks lol.

She inspires me so much!! Hope you like her too.

talk to you soon, Ale

Mama Trench Coat

Heyyyyyy, HI guys, how are you doing?? In the last few weeks I was very very busy but at the same time so happy and there are so many news! WOOO

Btw why “Mama trench”? because this amazing coat is my mom’s one!! I discovered it yesterday searching a swetear in her wardrobe. And when I saw it I understand we were meant to be together; Btw wearing it I feel like a detective and I think I like it ahah lol.

The autumn is arrived and also the cold weather so this trench coat is perfect.                                      I love walking in the park with that special autumn atmosphere and what I like the most are the colors of leaves, oh damn I love them.

talk to you soon, Ale

Trench Coat: Zara; Jeans: H&M; Tee: Zara; Shoes: H&M;