10 tips to always looking amazing & put together

Hey everyone,

today’s post is about my 10 tips to always looking amazing and put together; 5 of them are fashion tips and the others beauty.

  1. THE HAT: it can be a fedora or a beanie. It will complete your outfit with some points extra. And it’s perfect for “bad hair days”
  2. COAT: have a good coat/jacket is very important because it will change your outfit. It’s the first item people see of your entire look so it’s very crucial. It’s better spend more in a jacket, in this way it will last more and it will help you to look always stylish.
  3. BLACK DRESS: wearing a black cute dress is perfect if you don’t know what to wear but you want to look nice and stylish. With one item you’re ready to go.
  4. BOOTIES: (my fav one) if you need some height they’re perfect but in general they give you a stylish look that it’s important if you’re wearing basic/minimal clothes. Booties can be of leather, suede or of different colors, patterns ect.. a large selection!!
  5. MASCARA: the only thing I have to say: it opens your eyes!
  6. LIP PENCIL: it defines your lips line, you can “adjust” it and trasform the all face.
  7. DARK LIPSTICK: yesss, the dark lipstick can change the entiee look. For example if you’re wearing a chunky sweater or a hoody, the dark lipstick will makes you more presentable.
  8. PERFUME: bring with you a little perfume in your bag because trust me: smelling good=feeling good=looking amazing
  9. EYEBROW PENCIL: or eyebrow jell, every eyebrow product is ok! Have “perfect” eyebrow shape will change the all face and look (as mascara, lip pencil..)
  10. DEODORANT: ok, I know that’s strange to say but deodorant is very important! this point can linked to point 8 because they are very similar! Have a bad smell is not a good thing soooo deodorant and then perfume in your bag, sweeties! 

Yeah, this “advice post” is finish, hope you enjoy it!! Let me know in the comments below if  you also use this tips and which one!

talk to you soon, Ale


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