Look at me, I’m in Cosmopolitan!


GUYS, can you believe it?! I’m in the January 2018 issue of Cosmopolitan.


i’m so grateful for everything




I partecipated to the shooting for Cosmopolitan for the new four eyeliner by PupaMilano. It was so cool, fantastic, a perfect experience for a fashon lover like me!! Besides me there were other three girls, one of them is a friend of mine, Giulia, so we enjoyed together that crazy day .


Here there’s the link to the article about the #pupaeyelinercrew and the backstage of the shooting.  ENJOY IT!!

P.S. in few days there will be BIG NEWS (always about this experience) so stay tuned!!!!!

xoxo, Ale




Fall/ winter 2018 trends

Here’s the trends for the fall/winter season 2017/18

  • the SUIT is a trend that we see everywhere, in every single website. You can dress it up with heels or dress it down with sneakers or a pair of flats.

   red suit | purple suit

  • the PADDED JACKET is better in a bright color, like gold, pink, red … They can be long, short or even cropped.

  Fila jacket | gold padded jacket

  • the BERET gives you a parisian look. You can style it in different ways.

  wool beretcamel beret

  • the BAKER BOY HAT is a trend that i’m seeing since this sprin. Even though I like it, I don’t have it because I honestly don’t know how it’d look on me.

  khaki high crown baker boy hatblack baket boy hat

  • the color RED is the color of this season. Accessories, dresses, pants, shoes …

   red pantsRed Slingback Low Heel Shoe

Day to night | AUrate New York

In today’s post I’m introducing you a jewelry brand, AUrate New York. Their jewelry are stunning, they’re made in New York and a plus of this company is that for each piece of jewelry we purchase at AUrate, an economically underprivileged child will receive a book, they call this project A BOOK FOR YOUR LOOK.

They’ve challenged me to share my day to night outfit, and I’ve accepted it.

collage 1collage 2

For the day look I’ve chosen my new pair of flared jeans with a white top and a pair of white sneakers… an everyday outfit! For the night (a night out with my friends to drink cocktails and chatting) I’ve changed the top with a black turtle neck, the shoes with a nice pair of boots with a little bit of heel, and to finish the look I’ve worn this jacket that I think rock the entire look!

Untitled collage

For the accessories, I’ve chosen two differents earrings: for the day look, the circle earrings in gold, and for the night look, the white gold bar that goes very well with the outfit i’ve picked up. Both of the earrings are from AUrate, check out the website AUrate New York.




Lunch with mom

@manuelina, one of my favourite spot in Milan. The focaccia is so good, you have to try it, trust me! Milan in these days is quite empty (everyone is still in vacation) so my mom and I decided to go out for lunch and enjoy the city.


5 Fall Trends 2016

  1. Denim + patches/embrodery: you can see everywhere denim jackets or jeans with patches or embroidered.
    Risultati immagini per gucci giacca ricamata


    2. Slip dress: long sleeves t-shirt and on the top the slip dress; it’s a big trend, followed by lots of famous people.

    Risultati immagini per slip dress over shirt

    Kendall and Kylie Jenner, Kim Kardashian

    3. Military: all over the fashion shows we’ve seen khaki army jackets, coat…

    Risultati immagini per burberry army belted jacket


    4. Metallic colorsclothes, accessories, nails…

  2. Risultati immagini per gold metallic trend 2016

5.Chockers: it takes place already all over the summer, it’s a ’90s trend and everyone seems to love it!! There are so many way to wear it and we’ve seen them in lots of fashion shows.

Risultati immagini per fall 2016 chokers