T-shirt: Stradivarius / Skirt: Zara / Shoes: Adidas

Hi babes! a beautiful evening spent with my girls, Claudia and Elena, around Milan. I was invited to the new opening of the Sephora Beauty Store, and it was sponsored by Lancome, so cool huh?! After that we went to a rooftop to see the sunset and take some pictures, as usual.

Anyway how cool is this t-shirt? I found it the other day for just 8€, it’s from Stradivarius! Have a beutiful day.

talk to you soon, Ale



I spent few days in London with my cousin Claudia and Diana , a friend of mine. These days we took off to visit the city have been fantastic, trust me!!   I would have loved to show you every single picture I took but I’ll share with you just some of the snaps of this amazing trip. Notting Hill was definitely the part of London I liked the most, the colors of the neighborhood were spectacular.Talking about colors I have to admit that unfortunately the sky was grey every single day but let’s be honest, to live the real British experience that’s what you get.

talk to you soon, Ale


Breakfast @Delifrance

img_20161008_102630img_20161008_100634img_20161008_103303SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURESSAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURESSAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURES

My bestfriend and I love having breakfast together and chatting about everything! Lately, we’ve discovered a new place to go, it’s called Delifrance. It’s a coffee bar inspired by the french style. OBSSESSED

In the afternoon we took some pictures in that area, that’s amazing!!

5 Fall Trends 2016

  1. Denim + patches/embrodery: you can see everywhere denim jackets or jeans with patches or embroidered.
    Risultati immagini per gucci giacca ricamata


    2. Slip dress: long sleeves t-shirt and on the top the slip dress; it’s a big trend, followed by lots of famous people.

    Risultati immagini per slip dress over shirt

    Kendall and Kylie Jenner, Kim Kardashian

    3. Military: all over the fashion shows we’ve seen khaki army jackets, coat…

    Risultati immagini per burberry army belted jacket


    4. Metallic colorsclothes, accessories, nails…

  2. Risultati immagini per gold metallic trend 2016

5.Chockers: it takes place already all over the summer, it’s a ’90s trend and everyone seems to love it!! There are so many way to wear it and we’ve seen them in lots of fashion shows.

Risultati immagini per fall 2016 chokers



“La donna allo specchio”

Today I went to a photography exhibition in Milan. It was about ’50s and ’60s fashion. The photos were from different photographers as Mario de Biasi, Angelo Cozzi and more.

There was also a wall full of Grazia magazine’s covers.

The exhibition includes 50 pictures from Mondadori Portfolio, presented by Alidem. Go now and take a look because it’s until september 30.